Chris Somerville

Silver Dragon owner Chris Somerville teaches martial arts to youth and adults. He began studying martial arts as a child and is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kempo karate with over 15 years of coaching experience.

Silver Dragon's program covers all physical and mental aspects of the marital arts through six core principles; Respect, Discipline, Focus, Precision, Perseverance & Courage.

Chris teaches students to be confident and prepared to handle any self defense situations that they may encounter, and is especially skilled at working with highly sensitive youth and adults.


Chris graduated from San Francisco State University and is an experienced writer and editor. Chris holds multiple fitness certifications.


Kate Somerville

Kate Somerville offers coaching for highly sensitive youth and adults. She is a Yoga Calm instructor and Certified Life Coach, co-owner of Silver Dragon Martial Arts, and is ACE certified in mind body and youth fitness.

Kate has over 18 years experience working with sensitive individuals, and is passionate about whole-body wellness as a path to living a quality sensitive life. Her coaching programs blend the powerful practices of life coaching, yoga, and mindfulness to help clients move from chaos to calm, allowing them to live their best sensitive lives.

Kate's passion for supporting people includes youth and adults who have experienced trauma. As a trauma survivor, Kate found a healing path through yoga and mindfulness. She now coaches people on their own holistic healing paths using restorative yoga to release stress, create peace, and move toward whole-body wellness.